Cable Ties: Sandcastles


Cable Ties kündigen mit der Single „Sandcastles“ ihr neues Album „Far Enough“ an

Das neue Jahr ist gerade mal wenige Tage alt und Cable Ties drücken 2020 direkt ihren Stempel auf: Das australische Trio kündigt sein zweites Album „Far Enough“ für Ende März an und veröffentlicht außerdem das Musikvideo zum Song „Sandcastles“.

„Far Enough“ setzt auf prägnante, eindringliche Riffs, die unaufhaltsam vorantreiben. Auf der Suche nach Transzendenz durch hypnotische Wiederholung, entwickelt das Album eine unermüdliche Intensität. Der Song „Tell Them Where To Go“ erlangte bereits Popularität, da sie in einer kürzlich erschienenen Episode von Netflix‘ „13 Reasons Why“ zu hören war.

Frontfrau Jenny McKechnie erzählt über die Thematik von „Sandcastles“: „The Song is a criticism of the idea that an effective activist community can be created by shouting down and casting out anyone who doesn’t abide by the social norms or language of an exclusive community or group. The song is aimed at a figurative individual who doesn’t have any interest in making positive changes in society or participating in open and productive discussions about political and social issues. Rather, they set themselves up as the gatekeepers of progressive groups by aggressively policing language and immediately casting out anyone who doesn’t abide by the codes of behaviour they have created. This turns purportedly intersectional, progressive groups into exclusive clubs only accessible to people with homogeneous opinions, social and economic backgrounds, and ways of speaking.“

Regie zum Video führte Danny Cohen (Courtney Barnett, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard). Der erzählt über seine Annäherung an das Video zu „Sandcastles“: „I wanted the message of “Sandcastles” to be as clear and direct as possible. To achieve this, I wanted to strip this music video to its bare bones, free from distraction. We removed the colour and shot limited takes on black-and-white 16mm. We decided to not shoot wides and to hide their instruments, instead narrowing the audience’s focus on the delivery of the message directly from Jenny, Shauna, and Nick’s faces.“


01. Hope
02. Tell Them Where To Go
03. Sandcastles
04. Lani
05. Not My Story
06. Selfmade Man
07. Anger’s Not Enough
08. Pillow

Cable Ties: Far Enough
Vö: 27.03.2020 / Merge Records