Mourn: Barcelona City Tour


Mourn zeigen Video zur ersten Single „Barcelona City Tour“ aus ihrem neuen Album

Mourn haben ihr drittes Album „Sorpresa Familia“ angekündigt, das Mitte Juni auf Captured Tracks erscheinen wird. Zur Single „Barcelona City Tour“ präsentiert das Quartett auch gleich ein mitreißendes Video. In Eigenregie enstanden, begleitet der Clip die Band durch ihre katalanische Heimatstadt – Exzess garantiert!

Mourn erzählen über das Album folgendes: „We like to understand records as personal diaries. Everything you live builds you as a person, so we think it builds your art as well. We use songs as a way to express ourselves and to organize our ideas and thoughts. We use them to understand our own feelings and to grow emotionally. This album sums up everything we’ve lived during the past two years, it wasn’t easy to open up, but we did it anyway without fear. Every frustration, disappointment, delusion, anger…“

Und weiter:“ We got everything out, we liberated ourselves and now we’re ready for everything that comes up. The lyrics are very literal; they are our raw experiences–without makeup. We show our most animal side, reduced to our most intense and visceral emotions. Of all we’ve lived, we keep the experiences, what was learned, all the mistakes and successes. Now we know life is SORPRESA (surprise), but above all it is FAMILIA (family).“


01. Barcelona City Tour
02. Skeleton
03. Strange Ones
04. Fun At The Geysers
05. Candleman
06. Thank You For Coming Over
07. Doing It Right
08. Orange
09. Bye, Imbecile
10. Divorce
11. Epilogue
12. Sun

Mourn: Sorpresa Familia
Vö: 15.06.18 / Captured Tracks